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Introduce of Battlefields

The Brotherhood the Knighthood have formed an alliance, but it doesn't mean that they have forgotten what they were fighting fduring the civil war. The conflicts between the Brotherhood the Knighthood never really disappear. They can always settle the scores in Gehenna Waste Crimson Waste.

[Gehenna Waste]

Gehenna Waste was once a beautiful valley which was located in the south of Gloria. The human civil war has turned this place a battlefield between the Brotherhood the Knighthood. The beautiful valley is now covered by the remains of the dead. It is now called "Gehenna Waste".  Wreckage corrupted corpses scattered all over this place.

The Immortal also constantly sends his servants to Gehenna Waste to harass the humans.


[Crimson Waste]

In the south of Gloria, there was once a lively grassland. It's home to many creatures.

A fierce battle was fought here, leaving countless corpses of humans monsters from the underworld. The plain was polluted by the blood of the monsters from the underworld. The once lively grasslwas then turned a place of death.

Both the Knighthood the Brotherhood want to gain control of this place fits strategic importance. The Immortal his servants are also waiting fanother opportunity.