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Introduction of the main city

[Expedition Camp]

Expedition Camp is the birthplace of new players in Clash of Dawn. The expedition army manages to travel through the Soul Sea marches the heart of the underworld. The humans set up an Expedition Camp in the heart of the underworld. This the human soldiers can rest before confronting the Immortal's elite army.

This camp is also the frontier of fighting against the Soul Army.



Gloria is the home to humans in Clash of Dawn. The ruler of Gloria is king Edward "the lion". He is the younger brother of the sage king. He is elected by the Brotherhood, a military organization controlled by the noblemen. This new ruler is fed up with the political tricks in the court of the old kingdom.

The Knighthood is another military organization originally formed by religious fanatics. Gloria is their sacred city. The human civil war mainly took place between them the Brotherhood.

In order to repel the invasion of the Immortal's Seven Sins Army. The Brotherhood the Knighthood have agreed on a truce formed an Expedition Army. Gloria has finally become the home of both factions.